Face Masks Can Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19

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In this challenging times we all face, we must stand strong together

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Against COVID-19

We want to dedicate this site to all the men and women on the front lines, the Real Heroes standing up and facing life threatening situations. We will continue to donate Personal Protective Equipment to first responders in our local community. Please Stay Safe!

We honor your commitment and appreciate the opportunity to help all Americans, all individuals in equality and Freedom. You too are the heroes that will help America and the World survive. Let us help in making these challenging times safer.

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These days, the CDC is recommending that people wear day to day masks in order to reduce the possibility of infection from COVID-19. Please make note that these masks are NOT medical grade masks nor should you use them with 100% sense of protection. Our washable face masks offer that, a "sense" of initial protection from this pandemic. You must always consider taking additional precautions if you are reducing your social distancing and might be exposed to any kind of virus. Please follow the CDC guidelines for complete protection by clicking this link to find out more and go to the CDC website.

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